Relatable clothing for the Grl Next Door to add a little humour to the day.

Krista Parton
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Krista Parton

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I am a mum of 2 - 16 year old and 4 year old and have been creating clothing for over 10 years along with other apparel and accessories. I have wanted to create a brand for myself for many years but never had the confidence to go for it - 2022 is the year that all changes.  

I create The Grl Next Door with the regular girl in mind. Thats me, im the regular girl who enjoys to wear hoodies and sweatpants and leggings every day - I work from home and have no reason to dress up to stay in the home.  

I realised there is a market out there for other women like me. The designs will have a touch of humour to them to brighten up peoples day when they read them. I am also a plus size (currently) so i would like to cater for women of all shapes and sizes. I am always open to new ideas and designs so please feel free to share inspiration.  I hope that when your order reaches you that you are truly satisfied with your garment and if you could share you pictures with us, wearing the item - then that would be truly appreciated. 




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